Satellite KeysChannel NameKeys
Mediaguard Keys Canal digital ID: 006A Astra(19E) 0C: E3 5A 83 30 DC 34 E3 DC
Mediaguard Keys Canal+ Belgique/BeTV Wallons ID: 009B (cable) (Belgium) 0С:C9 6E 43 E9 67 CF C6 C2
Mediaguard Keys CanalSat ID: 0081 Astra(19E) 0C: EB 01 3E 32 83 A6 32 E7
Mediaguard Keys FTC ID: 0085 Astra(19E) 0D:51 13 B5 47 EA B9 B8 7D
Mediaguard Keys Mediatech ID: 002A Amos (4W) 0C:38 D7 08 6C 3F 9B 10 D8
Mediaguard Keys Numericable ID: 0084 Astra(19E) 0C: FB C0 C4 EE B9 8E 06 3F
Mediaguard Keys Pro tv ID: 0086 Hotbird (13E) 0E: 04 DD 48 6E EE 8D 90 CE
Mediaguard Keys RAI TV ID:0030 (02E2) Hotbird (13E) 0C:3B 18 F5 67 1A A9 CB 9D
Mediaguard Keys TV Vlanderen Digital ID: 006C Astra(19E) 0C:04 52 59 91 CB CB E4 00 © last updated: 20-04-2019

Mediaguard Keys (also known as Seca). The first version haccked, the second - partly broken. Rarely used because of its susceptibility to cracking, mainly the second version of the encoding (Mediaguard 2).
Mediaguard is a conditional access system for digital television developed by SECA, company (Société Européenne d'access controls) renamed to Canal + Technologies SA (CEO François Carayol), a subsidiary of Canal + Group was sold to Thomson (CEO Thierry Breton). Then, Canal + Technologies SA was broken into two pieces by Thomson in 2003, Mediaguard sold in France Nagra and NDS Media Highway in France.

Mediaguard is the European market since 1996 and is also used in the Middle East and Asia. Mediaguard is especially used by Canal +.

Manufacturers who use their equipment are usually Mediaguard Nokia, Hitachi, Humax, Ltd, JVC, Kenwood Electronics, Philips, Pace Micro Technology, Pioneer Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Sagem, Sony Corporation, Toshiba, Strong, Thomson.

The first Mediaguard was broken at the end of 1990, and rival NDS Group is leading us in 2002 cards distributed to customers.

TV Packages in Mediaguard encription:
Mediatech Amos (4W) , RAI TV Hotbird (13E) , Canal digital Astra(19E) , Numericable Astra(19E) , Pro tv Hotbird (13E) , FTC Astra(19E) , Canal+ Belgique/BeTV Wallons (cable) (Belgium) , CanalSat Astra(19E) , igital Astra(19E).

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