VideoGuard (it is often referred to as NDS), produced by NDS, is a digital encryption system for use with conditional access television broadcasting satellite. It is used for satellite TV systems, some are operated by News Corporation. The two most common are Sky BSkyB in the UK and Ireland and DirecTV in the U.S., the first of which launched the digital version of the 1998 system in the world uses more posts VideoGuard system, including Yes (Israel), Sky Italia (Italy), Viasat (Scandinavia), Sky Brazil (Brazil), Foxtel (Australia), Sky Television Network (New Zealand) DigitalTV Airtel (India), Astro (Malaysia), Tata Sky & Hathway (DVB-C) (India), D-Smart (Turkey), ONO (Spain), TotalTV (Balkan), China Central Television (China), SBB (Serbia), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada), Telewizja Polska (Poland) and KabelBW (Germany), Dolce (Romania), Vivacom (Bulgaria), STAR TV and Fox International channels (Asia), Aora TV (Indonesia), CIGNA digital TV (Philippines), Telecom Italia (Italy), OTE TV (Greece), Otau TV (Kazakhstan), Hot (Israel).

Content provided by these companies and the BSkyB is by subscription VideoGuard protected by encryption.

In 1997 America was introduced VideoGuard system then in the UK by NDS in 1998 after being released by Sky Digital and was replaced VideoCrypt system. Although piracy DirecTV service in the years 1997 - 2002 was widespread implementation in the UK remained until 2014, after a BBC investigation revealed that companies in the UK Sky TV offered pirated sold at the price of 10 pounds per month.

VideoGuard is most often used to protect pay-TV and is used by many stations without subscription to geographical rights restrictions. VideoGuard once was used by ITV, BBC, Channel 4 UK, to restrict non visionary but in recent years these posts have moved to broadcasting FTA ste longer broadcast in the UK and Ireland. This encryption is still used by ITV, Channel 4 services.

TV Packages in VideoGuard encription:
Tata Sky , Reuters , TotalTV , BSkyB , Viasat , BOOM TV , Sky Itaky , BSkyB.

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